B|PLUS Metal Collection is inspired in iron oxide. This collection is unalterable outdoors offering an architectural advantage compared to other materials which suffer alterations as time goes by. This material is suitable for glued or ventilated façades, to decorate vintage spaces, or for industrial decoration style. Inside B|PLUS Metal Collection we present HANDER, with a flat and smooth texture and with a soft satin touch on the surface. It is produced only in one finish; matt finish and in size 240x120 cm.


B|PLUS Stone Collection finds in natural stones, rocks and minerals its source of inspiration. The naturalness of these pieces along with their designs and effects contribute to the creation of environments with natural essence. The collection is made up of Serie ACTIVE. They are produced in matt and satin finish and in size 240x120 cm. B|PLUS Stone Collection ranges have 4 graphics designs which are repeated consecutively.




B|PLUS Concrete Collection finds its inspiration in materials such as cement or concrete and it is perfectly suitable for industrial decoration or loft styles. Series ARKETY, TOGA and TOWN belong to this collection. They are produced only in matt finish and in sizes 240x120, 120x120 y 120x59 cm. All the designs of B|PLUS Concrete Collection are made up of 4 graphics which are repeated consecutively.


B|PLUS Marble Collection is inspired in our customer´s most renowned and requested marbles. This collection includes Series CALACATTA, VANGLIH, CREAM CHAMBER, FOX y TRAVERTINO which are produced in matt, satin and polish finish and in sizes 240x120, 120x120 y 120x59 cm.